‘We were dazzled rabbits in the glare of Dinah Might’s vivacity.”

Roger Taylor
Legendary Rock Star, Queen

Dinah Might (pronounced “Dynamite”)

Striptease SexBomb – Feature Entertainer  – International Burlesque Bombshell

The stage is my playground and when I step on it with a cheeky twinkle in my eyes I will lure you into my steamy, theatrical fantasy world. My unique show concepts throw many unexpected surprises to thrill my audiences with my sassiness, sex appeal and tongue in cheek humor.  Ignited inside me is a passion for the artform of striptease, female power and sensual energy with costumes full of sparkle to highlight the female form. Creating acts to encompass all of this is what I do.  I simply love all things to do with the art of striptease.

My adventures in this fabulous world have taken me on a whirlwind of  performing in 4 continents (all over Europe/Australia/North America/Asia). An established Feature Entertainer/Headliner I am the current 2019 EDI West Audience Favorite, 2019 FDNC Masters Best Dancer Winner, 2019 Nightmoves Awards Most Innovative Show & Miss Congeniality and the 2018 Floor Play London Professional Champion. I have performed on some of the world’s top Burlesque stages including 2x at the BURLESQUE HALL OF FAME WEEKEND in Las Vegas (the world’s most prestigious Burlesque event), as a Headliner for the 2019 Kootenay Burlesque Festival and the 2018 Winnipeg Burlesque Festival and was the closing act for the 2017 NEW ORLEANS BURLESQUE FESTIVAL.  In Europe I have performed in Theatres/Supper Clubs/Night Clubs/Car Shows: London’s Cafe de Paris, Koko, Madam JoJo’s, Volupte, Erotica Ball, High Tease and the Coronet Theater. New York’s Slipper Room. Vancouver’s Kitty Nights and Finland’s Xtreme Car Show to name a few. I’ve also headlined Fetish Events (London’s Rubber Ball) and Sexpos (Helsinki’s Sexpo) and danced in Japan’s top revue striptease show. 

My fans love to guess where I am from and usually think I am from Russia.  I am not Russian but thanks for the compliment because I think Russian women are gorgeous.  My mother is from Poland and my father is from Finland. I was born in Canada and that is where I started my dancing adventures but as you can see it has taken me to so many wonderful stages to entertain the masses all over the world.

The thrill I get from entertaining, evoking laughter and titillating is like no other.  I hope you catch one of my shows soon and that my naughty, sexy, playful attitude doesn’t torment you too much. 😉   

Make sure you hold on tight because you are about to be blown away by….

Dinah Might
Dynamite by Name, Explosive by Nature


Jan. 13 – 14: Mouse’s Ear – Johnson, TN, USA

Jan. 20 – 21 : Thee Dollhouse – Tampa, FL, USA

Jan. 26 – 28:  The Pony & Pony Tails – Evansville, IN, USA

April 7 – 8:  Little Darlings – Las Vegas, NV, USA

April 20 – 22:  The Pony – Memphis, TN, USA

June 2 – 3:   Hustler Club – Nashville, TN, USA

June 11th (Sunday):   Cheri Bebe’s Burlesque Revue – Manchester, UK

June 13th (Tuesday): Albert’s Schloss- Manchester, UK

Aug. 20 – 23:   Ed EXPO – Las Vegas, NV, USA 

Aug. 24-25:   Wonderland-  New York, NY, USA 

Sept 8-9:  Big Als – Peoria, IL, USA

Sept 14  – 16:  MC of Clash of the Titans (CONTEST) + Guest Performance
Kandy’s – Waterford, PA, USA

Oct 20 – 21: Mouse’s Ear – Knoxville, TN, USA

Nov 30:   Deja-Vu Showgirls – Lemon Grove, CA, USA 

Dec 1:   Deja-Vu Showgirls – San Diego, CA, USA 

Dec 2:   Deja-Vu Showgirls – Tijuana, MEXICO 

Dec. 7 – 9:   TD’s North & Fantasy World – Alburqurque, NM, USA

Dec 14 – 16:   The Hi-liter – Phoenix, AZ, USA

Are you a club manager/owner, burlesque promoter, corporate event or planning a private party?

Get in touch so we can discuss which of my acts are best suited for your event. I have a wide range of acts for different types of audiences.

Posters and Fridge Magnets!

Want to take a piece of me home? Come out to see one of my shows where I will have both my posters and fridge magnets for sale

Are you a club manager/owner, burlesque promoter, corporate event or planning a private party?

Get in touch so we can discuss which of my acts are best suited for your event. I have a wide range of acts for different types of audiences.


Are you a Performer looking to polish an act or looking to add more personality and stage presence into your routine and want to know tricks on how to get the audience to fall off their seats when you are on stage. Or are you a non-performer and complete beginner  just wanting to learn confidence or striptease to surprise your man or feel more sexy for yourself?  

For the London Academy of Burlesque I have taught  my steamy floor work course for beginners. I have also taught my stage presence workshops for the London Academy of Burlesque, Winnipeg Burlesque Festival and the Kootenay Burlesque Festival. My 1-2-1’s have helped to develop and hone Burlesque Performers acts (Evelyn Carnate – Miss Burlesque UK, Velvet Jones, Valentina Rock) and and I have also taught non-performers confidence, walking in heels and striptease.   I teach my 1-2-1’s by ZOOM or if I am in a city near you.

I teach stretch and dance classes for Tantra Fitness my fav pole/dance/fitness studio via zoom. Register online at Tantra Fitness.  Click to Book Live Stream Classes at Tantra Fitness and receive a Zoom link before class starts.

Costume Storage

Behold! The Costume Closet of your Dreams!

Dinah Might is known for the immaculate condition of her high-end costumes. She acquired two of Catherine D’lish’s original, iconic costumes in an ebay auction in 2011, including ‘That Big Black Dress’ (Catherine […]

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